How can we create a comfortable free space for everyone? How can we avoid discrimination and (sexualized) violence in that context? How can we raise awareness that our actions going out are limited by the persons surrounding me? How can we empower people affected to deal with those situations instead of going home early?

Those questions lead us to the foundation of Initiative awareness. As many of us are affected by discrimination and violence happening at partys, festivals, conferences and camps. The variety of effects is large: from a ruined party to serious trauma. Our goal is to develop strategies to minimize discrimination of any kind and give support to those affected.

In the summer of 2018, Leipzig-based Awareness experts from within the event sector joined forces to form the Initiative Awareness in order to pool and pass on their knowledge. The association addresses sexualized violence and discrimination in the club scene. Initiative Awareness counsels and guides event venues as they develop their own Awareness strategies, offers trainings for event staff and Awareness teams, publishes information materials, and organizes courses, conferences, and networking events nationwide. In addition, Initiative Awareness works to develop new ways in which the concept of Awareness can be applied in other areas of society, such as in sports clubs, schools, or the public sphere.

Here you can material in English:

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Presentation Initiative Awareness @ nights conference, 2018, Bruxelles
Feel free to contact us for workshops, counseling or more information.

What do we mean by ‘Awareness’? Awareness work is about establishing and maintaining considerate and responsible interactions with one another. By showing solidarity and standing with the affected party, we aim to create spaces that support the self-determination and agency of different communities.

Awareness work means that we  increase our sensitivity to recognize discrimination, violence, and the violation of personal boundaries. promote consensus-based behavior.
dismantle structures of oppression and exclusion. stand by persons affected by racism, LGBTIQ*-phobia, discrimination, and (sexualized) violence.

What does an Awareness team do?

Some events deploy on-site Awareness teams, who can be approached by anyone who has been affected by or observed problematic situations. The teams listen to people who have experienced any form of discrimination and/or (sexualized) violence, and take their side. Together, resolutions can be reached that support the affected person.

What does support f(x) and the Initiative Awareness do?

The Initiative Awareness and Support f(x) aim to promote and support Awareness work within the event scene…

Awareness teams. We offer workshops for supporters and for Awareness staff, facilitate spaces for peer-to-peer exchange, promote fair working conditions, and train new Awareness educators.

Event venues. We support and counsel event organizers in devising and implementing their own awareness strategies. We offer counseling and training courses nationwide for all kinds of event staff to develop Awareness concepts, sensitize their staff and increase their own agency.

Network. We organize specialist conferences, networking events, and round tables where we can all learn from and with one another as we discuss and identify current issues and pool our forces.

…Artistic Interventions. We offer (mediation) concepts that can sensitize visitors of parties and festivals for (sexualized) violence and discrimination in nightlife. More information see here.

Have you been affected and are looking for support?

Have you experienced sexualized violence? The Hilfetelefon support hotline for women who have experienced violence offers advice and counseling in 27 languages, 24/7 and free of charge: 08000 116 016; https://www.hilfetelefon.de/

Have you experienced discrimination? Fill out a short online form with the umbrella organization advd, which will then direct you to a local counseling center (website in German). https://www.antidiskriminierung.org/ratsuchende

Many counseling centers specialize on specific forms of discrimination, such as racism or homo- and transphobia.