Call for concept: Artistic Interventions

Artistic intervention for a discrimination-sensitive night culture

Call for concepts

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WhoAwareness-groups, artists, activists, collectives, theatrical artists, art mediators
WhatConcepts for performances/performative interventions, choreographies, interactive formats, video or sound installations, etc.
Goallow-threshold sensitisation for (sexualised) violence and discrimination in nightlife
Target groupvisitors to nightlife events and festivals
Preconditionsminimal material costs/cost-effective, can be implemented by various (awareness) groups and event collectives

The project Awareness in the Event Context stands for networking of existing awareness and antidiscrimination-groups, education and intervention work. Our aim is to promote consensus-based action at events and to sensitise visitors to border crossings, assaults and exclusions. We look for creative ways to raise awareness of these issues among the guests and to motivate them to engage with different forms of discrimination in the context of the event (e.g. sexualised violence, racism or LGBTIQ*-discrimination).

The call is open to awareness groups, artists, activists and collectives whose work is related to feminist issues and whose work makes intersectional perspectives and issues visible. We are looking for (mediation) concepts that can sensitize visitors of parties and festivals for (sexualized) violence and discrimination in nightlife. Whether performative intervention, choreography, interactive format, video or sound installation – formally central criterion is that the concepts can be implemented with minimal use of materials and by different awareness groups and event collectives in their respective contexts.

The selection will be made by the project team and our project advisory board (consisting of affected self-organisations, civil society actors of nightlife and organizers). The three selected concepts will be awarded 500€ each and published on our new website. In the upcoming years, they will be used in the Awareness project in the context of events.

Selection criteria

  • Easy implementation in diverse event contexts and locations by different groups
  • low to no costs for materials or use of materials that can be easily borrowed or reused (technology, beamer, sound, instructions for action…)
  • self-explanatory concept, easy to understand „instructions“ for implementation
  • fits in the party context
  • raises the awareness of event visitors to at least one of the following discrimination issues: sexualised violence, racism or LGBTIQ*-discrimination. Ideally, several forms of discrimination are considered together
  • intersectional perspective
  • we are particularly pleased to receive submissions from a variety of affected persons‘ perspectives.


Submit your concepts by 01.12.2021 to: max. 2 DIN-A4 pages of text plus 1-2 pages of illustrative material if necessary: pictures, sketches, photos or similar; please provide audio or video files via link).

The selected submissions will be announced on 24.12.21.

If your concept is selected, you agree that we may publish the concept on our website and on social media, mentioning your name/collective. You also agree that (awareness) groups – mentioning your name/collective as the creator – may use the concept for their events and develop it further if necessary.

If you have any questions about the call for concepts, please contact:

Data protection: With your submission, you agree that we may forward your data and documents within our project team and to the members of the project advisory board as part of the selection process. After the selection process has been completed, we will delete your data, with the exception of the selected submissions.